Take Care Of Your Business

The choices you make regarding how you use your TEA - your personal resources of Time, Energy, and Attention - will go far toward determining which of your own inner natures you allow to dominate you. There are two types of person out there, and in each of us: the critical, political, cynical inner "Victim," and the appreciative, collaborative, creative inner "Entrepreneur." When you wisely invest your TEA in positive pursuits, you feed your inner Entrepreneur and starve your inner Victim.

Do you own your own business? Well, if you're an Entrepreneur in spirit, you are in business for yourself, whether or not it's your name on the letterhead or the bank loan. A Victim "acts like he owns the place," in the sense he feels entitled to whatever he can get out of the business... but it's the Entrepreneur who truly acts like an owner at work. The Entrepreneur is a careful steward of the company's resources, and a wise investor of her own personal resources.

The Entrepreneur uses her time wisely, and always in an effort to improve herself and the world around her. She's industrious. While the Victim is out on his smoke break, the Entrepreneur is spending extra time building a customer relationship or grabbing an opportunity to catch up on paperwork. The Victim begrudges the time taken by his job, and wants to be paid for every minute regardless of his effort... the Entrepreneur happily puts in extra effort, and the satisfaction of a job well done is, for her, its own reward.
We all know someone who seems to turn the electricity on in the room when they enter it - their energy is indomitable and contagious. That person is undoubtedly an Entrepreneur. Victims have pretty-much given up on the life they see as a win-lose game that was rigged against them from the start; don't expect a lot of energetic activity from a Victim. Entrepreneurs are full of passion for their lives and careers, and are energetic in both good times and bad.

And where do people invest their attention, their focus? It's a fact that the more energy you can put outside yourself, the more "present" you'll be, and the better you'll be able to listen, collaborate, and lead. We all divide our attention between the internal concern for ourselves and the external concern for others - you can often tell an Entrepreneur by the way she balances her focus and gives plenty of her attention to others. The Victim is almost always focused internally, and worried mostly about himself. He regards others with skepticism, and even fear.

Not all Entrepreneurs own businesses, and some people who do somehow get into business are really Victims in their mentality. But to round out the TEAM of personal resources, you'll often find an Entrepreneur investing her Time, Energy, Attention and Money in creating opportunities for herself and others. Owning and running a business is a natural activity for the Entrepreneur-type. Victims don't think about how they can create opportunities... they're focused on what they perceive as threats. They don't take care of others - they need (and expect) to be taken care of.

Take another look at your cup of TEA, and how you're investing your personal "human resources." If you want to know how better to take care of your business, devising a strategy for making better investments in those areas would be a great place to start.