Have you ever had a business dilemma like this

Gnomes' three phase business plan
Make money online with an online business or internet business.  Did you ever get enmeshed in troubles like this? The issue is a common one but many people refuse to think about it at all, because they don't want to have to make a decision. Some people just worry and worry, without ever finding a way to overcome the difficulty and move forward.  Current Situation  Precisely what is the current situation? Why don't we examine it in closer detail. Would it contain some or all of the following points? You might have a few other points you could include too.  Make money online with an online business or internet business.  Problems related to online business.  At this instant why don't we have a look at precisely what has prompted the present difficulties.  And help you make money online starting an online business or internet business.  Possible online business solution options.  While your dilemma might be a difficult one, there are some possible solutions to it. You might have already thought of a few or perhaps all of these, but why don't we have a closer look at them. These are simply options, you don’t need to reject them out of hand, or even accept any of them at this time, simply because each one is going to be looked at more closely.

1.Your initial online business option would be to copy marketing and seo tools and techniques plus internet marketing.  The “just refuse to do anything at all option is usually almost always possible, simply because it may well be the cheapest, even if it is extremely tough. It always must be thought about.  2.Your second internet business option (keep in mind, we are simply itemizing possibilities here) is to make research and try to gather information on business opportunities and trends, there's always likely to be an extremely expensive possibility. Perhaps this option is it? From time to time, it's the only way nevertheless at least you'll have thought about all of the lower cost issues, prior to settling on spending a lot of money or time.  3.The 3rd home business alternative might be pay someone to present a business plan to you.  There could be a moderate cost option that might assist you over a temporary patch, even though it doesn’t keep going for a long time.